Introducing the Kohli Atraumatic Catheter

The Kohli Atraumatic Catheter is an innovative silicone urinary catheter designed to minimize tip contact with the bladder and optimally function for drainage.

This exclusive and patented 5cc pancake balloon tip produces minimal bladder irritation and abrasion1, while providing improved comfort and drainage.2

1. J.A. Greenberg, et al, A Preliminary Evaluation of Ovine Bladder Mucosal Damage Associated With 2 Different Indwelling Urinary Catheters, (Journal of Urology 2017.08.020)
2. L. Hoyte, et al, Bladder Morphology, Emptying, and Residual Volume with 2 Bladder Catheters, (Submission IUGA, 2017)

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